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One of the main signs our time is ability to choose. Today we can choose to buy the goods that we need, instead of purchasing something that’s the only thing available. We can spend a vacation at the cottage, and may wish to go abroad. The choice is now offered to those planning to visit another city, and has a question of how to make hotel reservations. Along with the usual major hotels, the choice for visitors includes accommodation in small hotels that have recently opened in large quantities in many cities.

It is worth noting that these hotels have a number of advantages over hotels, of so-called “the usual format”. And foremost among these benefits is considered to be that homely atmosphere, which is typical to most mini-hotels. Minimal number of rooms and a large number of staff is there so each guest the hotel gets truly individual attention. And such a policy is not confined to hotels which host VIP guests, but also rooms that are classified as «economy». Such attention is rarely achieved in conventional low-cost hotels.

Mini-hotels St Petersburg, in many cases are the perfect option for those who have the choice of place of residence based primarily on the location of the hotel. For example, a person arriving for a scientific conference will prefer a hotel that is as close as possible to the venue. Not all the major hotels are located near the center of the city or its downtown. Mini-hotels, due to their small size, are often located very conveniently — for example, near the train stations, or close to major government agencies, or in the historical city center.

Mini-hotels St Petersburg, regardless of whether their rooms are classified as «luxury» or “economy-class”, have certain disadvantages. And most important of them — do not expect the “big hotel” type infrastructure, which is typical for larger hotels. This is parking, laundry, fitness center, spa, shuttle service to the train station or airport, etc. However, experience shows that even those who are quite capable of paying for an expensive room in a large hotel often prefer mini-hotels. First and foremost, thanks to the homelike atmosphere and high level of service they offer to their customers.