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Я знаю, что тема сдачи теста Toefl очень популярна, и поэтому я готов представить просто подборки слов для Toefl без тестов для проверки. Может кто-то просто ищет слова и старается их выучить с помощью Lingvo Tutor. Мы будем изучать слова к Toefl в алфавитном порядке по 50 слов в каждой карточке.

В данном словарике вы увидите 50 слов на букву А, но это не означает, что следующая подборка будет на букву В, так как количество слов огромное. Но мы не будем спешить, ведь 50 слов — это не малое количество для изучения. Если вы желаете более детально изучать лексику, тогда вам сюда.

Список изучаемых слов:
abase — make someone lower in rank, position, character, etc.; lower; humiliate
abash — embarrass
abate — subside or moderate
abbreviate — shorten
abdicate — formally give up an office or a duty; give up the throne; renounce; give up
abduct — kindnap;carry off a person by force
aberration — the state of being abnormal; an abnormal act; failure of rays to focus; wandering or staying away; in optics, failure of rays to fucus
abet — to help to aid
abeyance — condition of not being in force or in use for a time; suspended action
abhor — hate something very much; detest
abject — miserable; contemptible; mean; wretched; lacking pride
abjure — renounce upon oath
ablation — surgical removal of a body part or tissue; the erosive process that reduces the size of glaciers
ablution — the act of washing one’s body or a part of it as a religious ceremony
abnegation — repudiation; self-sacrifice
abnormal — not usual; not normal; strange
abolition — the act of abolishing
abominable — worthy of being hated; very unpleasant
abominate — loathe; hate
aborigine — the original of earliest known inhabitants of a country
abortive — born before grown enough to live; unsuccessful; unsuccessful; fruitless
abound — be plentiful; be filled
abrasive — substance used for rubbing or grinding down surfaces; causing abrasion; harsh,rough
abridge — condense or shorten
abrogate — abolish laws, customs, etc.
abrupt — beginning, ending, or changing suddenly or with a break
abruptly — suddenly unexpectedly
abscess — a Collection of pus in a cavity formed within some tissue of the body
abscond — go away suddenly and hide; depart secretly and hide
absentee — person who is absent
absolute — complete, totally unlimited; certain
absolve — declare someone free from guilt or punishment; pardon an offense
absorbed — interested engrossed
absorption — the act or process of absorbing
abstain — hold oneself back; refrain; refrain; withhold from participation
abstemious — not eating and drinking too much; frugal; temperate; sparing in dringk, etc.
abstinence — restraint from eating or drinking
abstract — not concrete
abstruse — deep in meaning; difficult to understand; obscure; profound; difficult to understand
abusive — using insults and curses; of wrong use; coarsely insulting; physically harmful
abut — border upon; adjoin
abyss — hole so deep as to appear bottomless
accede — agree; take up a position; succeed; become a member of an organization
accelerate — make something move faster, speed up; make something happen or come sooner; increase in speed
accentuate — pronounce a word, syllable, phrase, etc. with an accent or a stress on it; put an emphasis upon; distinguish
acceptance — receiving something offered; approval, favorable reception
access — the act of coming near; a fit or attack of illness
accessory — additional object; useful but not essential thing
accidental — taking place unexpectedly, unintentionally, or out of the usual course
acclaim — the act of doing this; welcome someone with praise, joy, and applause along with loud shouts; applaud; announce with great approval

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