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Рад вам представить прекрасные уникальные топики по английскому языку. Я знаю, что многим ищут топики, но некоторая информация  очень коряво написана. Вам предоставляется возможность скачать English Topics с темы About Myself совершенно бесплатно. Данные топики использовались мной при поступлении в институт и естественно, во время обучения. Думаю, вам эти темы для изучения тоже пригодятся.


  • About Myself

  • About My Family

  • Choosing a Career

  • How I Can Help My Parents

  • My Household Duties

  • My Daily Routine

  • My Day off

  • My Family’s Meals

  • My Favourite Actor. Kevin Costner — Actor Come Producer

  • My Favourite English Painter

  • My Favourite TV Program

  • My Future Profession

  • My Hobby

  • My School(1)

  • My School(2)

  • My Week-day(1)

  • My Week-day(2)

  • Teacher of English

  • The Subjects We Do at School. My Favourite Subject (1)

  • About Myself

    First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Taras. I’m seventeen years old. I’m at 11-th grade. There are two more kids in the family besides me — my elder brother Oleg and my younger sister Marija. Oleg is twenty-one, he attends a

    University, he will be a dentist. Marija is only twelve, she is a schoolgirl. I forgot to mention one more member of our fa­mily. It’s our favourite poodle Tim

    My parents are not old at all. My Mum is forty, she works for a newspaper. My Dad is forty-four, he is an engineer in computers. My parents love their jobs very much.

    I’m doing quite well at school. My parents are proud of my marks. I go in for sports. I play basket-ball. In summer time I like yachting and windsurfing. I take part in different basket-ball competitions. In a year I shall finish my school and I have to decide what occupation to choose. I have been studying English for seven years. I want to be a military interpreter.

    My grandparents are already retired. They like gardening and spend all their time growing tomatoes, potatoes, onions, strawberries, raspberries.
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    About My Family

    My family is not very big, just a typical family: Dad, Mom, me, my brother and sister and our cat. My Mummy is forty-one, she is a teacher of Spanish at the University. She is a born

    teacher. She has teaching abilities. My Dad is forty-two, he is .a professional painter, he works for a design company. My parents both like their work very much.

    My elder sister Natasha is nineteen, she goes to the Uni­versity, she wants to be a teacher of history. She is fond of reading books on history and fiction.

    My younger brother Igor is only six years old, he goes to the kindergarten. He is very funny, I like to spend my free time teaching him something. Igor likes to play with our cat.

    My grandparents are retired. They like gardening. They spend a lot of their time in the garden. They grow vegetables and fruits. We enjoy having fresh vegetables and green on our dinner table.

    I love my family very much. We always help each other. Everyone in my family is my best friend.
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    Choosing a Career

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Masha. I have left school this year. It is my dream to become a student of the English department. I want to study English, German and maybe French.

    Knowledge of a foreign lanquage opens a new world for us. If you know a foreign language, you can speak with foreigners and it is a way to better understanding. If you know a foreign language you can read books in the original, and it is a way to better understanding of other people’s nature and culture.

    In our country children study different foreign languag­es. At school I took up English. I read stories by English, American and Australian writers. It has become my habit to read English books in adapted form every day. I learn poems and do a lot of grammar exercises. Now I know I must work hard to master English. Studying the English language un­der the guidance of the University teachers I want to learn much about the history of words, their origin and usage in ancient times. For example, the word «window» is made of two very old Anglo-Saxon words, such as «wind’ and «eye». The word «window» means «the wind’s eye». It tells us of the time when a window was only a hole in the wall, and the wind used to come through it.

    When I finish my studies, I’ll begin teaching in a second­ary school. I think I’ll enjoy the work greatly. Teaching is a noble profession. In modern times all kinds of specialists need foreign languages in their work — teachers, doctors, engineers and people in many other professions. If a special-

    ist doesn’t know a foreign language he can’t use all the for­eign books which he needs in his work. I want to teach my pupils to read English books in the original, so they won’t depend on translations.

    I hope I’ve chosen the right profession.
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    How I Can Help My Parents

    I live with my mother and father. I like to help them. Every Sunday I clean my room. I take the vacuum — cleaner and clean the carpets. I sweep the floor, dust the sofa and the chairs, I try to dust the furniture in a proper way. We have got many flowers at home. Twice a week I water them. I like flowers very much.

    But best of all I like to lay the table. I do it carefully. I spread the table cloth and then I put out table — mats to protect the table from hot plates and dishes. A small mat for each guest and larger ones for the hot dishes. I put out the cutlery, which clean and polish every week, and I sharpen the carving-knife. The cutlery is kept in a drawer in the side­board. The wine-glasses are kept on shelves in the sideboard. I take out of the drawer in the sideboard all the cutlery — a fish-knife and fork for the fish, a large knife and fork for the meat, a small knife for the butter and fruit-knife for the des­sert. Then there is a pudding-spoon and a fork for the sweet, and a soup-spoon for the soup.

    I put the knives and the soup-spoon on the right-hand side and the forks on the left, except the pudding-spoon and fork which I put across the top. Then I put the serving — spoons and forks, the carving-knife and fork, the bread-board and a knife to cut the bread. On the left of each guest I put a small

    plate for bread and on his right a wine-glass if we are having wine. And I am ready for the guests to come.
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    My Household Duties

    This is my last year at school, and I work hard to pass my final exams successfully. As I am very busy, I can’t help my parents much in keeping the house. But still I have some household duties.

    Every day I do my room and my bed, wash up dishes, dust the furniture and usually go to the baker’s after I haye din­ner. I buy some brown and white bread, biscuits and cakes there. The shop is not far from our house and it doesn’t take me long to do everyday shopping.

    Once a week I help my mother to do all other work about the house. We wash our linen, iron and mend it, clean the flat. We beat the dust out of the carpets, vacuum the floors and polish them. It’s not difficult to keep the flat tidy if you do your rooms regularly. This is my usual round of duties.

    But sometimes I have some other things to do. When my mother is ill or away from home, I do the cooking and the wa­shing up, the buying of food and the planning of meals. I am not a good cook, but my vegetable soup is always tasty. I can also boil an egg or fry some meat. I also lay the table and clear away the dishes. If I’m too busy or can’t do these things, all the duties are organized among other members of our family.

    Sometimes I have to visit everyday services: hairdresser’s, shoemaker’s, dry-cleaner’s, photographer’s. At the hairdres­ser’s I have my hair cut and waved. At the shoemaker’s I have my shoes and boots repaired, at the photographer’s I have my photos taken. Service is generally good, but in some cases it leaves much to be desired.

    My brother has his own duties at home. He helps to fix and repair some things. For example, he repairs electrical ap­pliances when they are out of order. He has already repaired our mother’s electric iron, my desk lamp and his own shaver.

    Last year I was at my grandparents. They are elderly people and need care and attention. During my stay there, I swept the floors and washed them, fed the chickens, collected the eggs and weeded the vegetable-beds. I don’t know how to milk the cow but I helped to feed the other animals: lambs, sheep and pigs. I enjoyed this work very much.
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    My Daily Routine

    As a rule, I get up at half past six. I put on my dressing-gown, go into bathroom and turn on the bath taps. Good health is better than wealth, so I do my morning exercises. I get breakfast at seven-thirty and listen to the news over the radio. I like to begin the day well, so my breakfast is always a good one. For breakfast I usually have hard-boiled eggs or an omelette, bread and butter, tea or coffee; I read my news­paper with my last cup of coffee before I leave home.

    Then, I say «Good-bye» to my mother, take my school-bag and go to school. I don’t live far from my school, so it doesn’t take me long to get there.

    The lessons start at half past eight. Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes. The classes are over at two o’clock. I come back home, have dinner, wash up and go shopping. I buy food­stuffs for the family. Coming back. I begin to clean the house and get the vegetables ready for supper. We have sup­per at seven.

    I do my homework for the next day. It usually takes me several hours to prepare well for the lessons.

    In the evening, I always try to spend at least an hour at the piano. As a rule my parents and I sit and talk, watch a film on TV, read newspapers and magazines. Sometimes, we go to the cinema or to the theatre. Once or twice a month, I visit exhibi­tions in my home town.

    I go to bed at about eleven o’clock, but my parents like to sit up late and write letters or read.
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    My Day off

    When a school-girl I always envied those students who went to school five but not six days a week, as we did. So you may guess, I had the only day off — Sunday. On Sunday, I didn’t have to hurry anywhere, that’s why, I got up at nine or ten o’clock. I wasn’t an early riser. I did my bed, washed myself and went to the kitchen. In the kitchen the table had already been laid and I always had something tasty on Sun­day: fried potatoes, meat salad or my favourite apple-pies.

    After breakfast, if the weather was sunny, I usually didn’t stay indoors, I went to see my friends. We often played volley­ball or basket-ball in the yard and in winter if there was much snow out-of-doors we went skating and skiing in the woods.

    But sometimes the day happened to be rainy and gloomy. I preferred to be in watching TV, listening to music, reading books, speaking over the phone or just lying on the sofa idling away the time. Some of my classmates could watch all TV-programmes from morning till night, but I think it’s rather boring, and I always felt sorry for those TV-addicts. It’s much more interesting to play a game of chess with your grandfather, or help your mother about the house, or argue with your father about the latest events at home and abroad.

    In the evening, when all the family were together, we had some tea with a cake or biscuits, we listened to my younger sister playing the piano, sometimes we sang folk songs.

    Every Sunday, when I went to bed, I was thinking that the day had flashed past and the next week would bring new problems and their solution.
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    My Family’s Meals

    My family isn’t large. It consists of four members. But each member of our family has his own tastes and interests. For example, my brother is fond of sports. So early in the morning he goes jogging. That’s why he has nothing to eat before it, because it would be bad for him to eat before exerci­ses. But when he comes back, he has a shower and is more than ready for breakfast. He always needs a cup of coffee to really wake him up. His breakfast usually consists of a bowl of cereal with milk and sugar. This he follows by toasts and juice. My father eats the same as my brother.

    My mother has a lighter breakfast of just youghurt and a grapefruit. As for me, a cup of tea is enough for breakfast. And my mother sometimes scolds me for it, because it’s impor­tant to have a really goods breakfast.

    We don’t have our main meal at lunchtime. My father takes sandwiches with him to work. To be healthy, he also eats fruit. My mother is able to be more varied in her lunches, because she is a housewife. It means that she can prepare what she likes. Her favourite dish is roast meat. As she likes to bake, there is always something tasty at home.

    Our evening meal is usually eaten at 7 o’clock. The main course is often meat with vegetables. Sometimes we eat pizza or pasta with delicious sauce. We try to eat our main meal together. In our busy lives it is the one time of day when we sit down and have a good talk.
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    My Favourite Actor. Kevin Costner — Actor Come Producer

    Kevin Costner, a famous araerican actor, was born in Los Angeles. He spent his childhood often on the move, changing schools frequently, owing to his father’s job at the regional electricity company. As a teenager, he developed a keen liking for football, baseball and basket-ball and was also interested in singing and writing poetry.

    He married his college sweetheart Cindy wilst still at Ca­lifornia State University and came out with a business degree in marketing. In his spare time he appeared in local theatre productions. Theatre became increasingly important to him and after having worked six weeks in a marketing company, he gave the job up to become an actor.

    He played in many small part roles before his princi pie role which was not a success. However Costner himself was given good reviews. In 1987 his starring role in «The Untouch­ables » and «No Way Out* really introduced him to interna­tional fame. Indeed, he won the Star of Tomorrow prize from the U. S. National Association of Theatre Owners. Then in 1988 came «Bull Durham* which was a huge hit movie in the States about baseball. His subsequent film «Field of Dreams* was also a success and touched baseball again.

    I like this actor because the characters he plays are strong personalities, wise people who are worthy of my admiration. In my opinion, this is the reason of his growing popularity in many, countries. He is not only a talented actor, who’s acting draws your attention from the very moment you see his face on the screen. But he is also a successful producer and continues work­ing at his new films which are certain to amuse the people.
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    My Favourite English Painter

    From early times Englishmen have been great collectors and travellers. The general level of art in Great Britain has always been high. But it has never reached that of France and Italy. Many greatest foreign masters were attracted to Britain by lavish rewards and honours. Among them were the Flemish Anthony Van Dyck, Harts Holbein of German

    extraction. They were the originators of the brilliant school of English painting.

    As for me, William Hogarth is the most colourful figure, whose paintings attract by their singular originality. Hogarth wrote series of paintings which, like acts of a drama, were bound together by a plot. His famous series are *A Harlot’s Progress*, «A Rake’s Progress* and «Marriage a la Mande*. In a few years came another series «Elections». In them Hog­arth displays the English state system, her statesmen and the evil practices going on during election campaigns.

    Hogarth didn’t want to follow the vogue and copy the old masters: the truth of life, the every day reality seemed to be of greater importance. He breaks off with the old style. Hogarth is the creator of his own method. His contemporaries called Hogarth’s style the «modern moral subject*. Hogarth’s rea­lism paved new ways for English art.

    William Thackeray in his book «The English Humourists of the 18th century* describes William Hogarth in the follo­wing way: «…he’s a jovial honest London citizen, stout and sturdy man, who has a proper bourgeas scorn for everything pretentious and false.
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    My Favourite TV Program

    Many people watch TV at leisure. One can choose the pro­gramme one likes best. Those who like music can listen to vari­ous concerts. Sport fans can watch football or hockey match­es. Television extends our knowledge about the world in which we live. Millions of people can see different lands, new plants, unusual animals and birds, mountains and valleys.

    My favourite TV programme is one made by D. Krylov. It

    is a weekly programme. It is broadcast on Sunday. This programme is very popular. They show many historical places, tell interesting facts about different countries and cities, broad­cast interviews with famous people. I like this programme and try not to miss it.

    I prefer to watch youth programmes such as «While Everybody’s at Home» on Sunday and «The Morning Star». In addition I like to see interesting films. They might be feature, adventure, scientific, horror, cartoon and other films. I enjoy seeing Walt Disney’s cartoons.

    Now and then I like to see cognitive programmes: «What? Where? When?», «Brain-ring». They are enjoyable and enter­taining programmes.
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    My Future Profession

    Finishing school is the beginning of the independent life for millions of school leavers. Manyroads are opened before them: vocational and technical schools, institutes and universities. But it is not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 2,000 existing in the world. Some pupils follow the advice of their parents, others can’t decide even after leaving school.

    As for me, I made my choice long ago. I want to become a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature. My choice of this occupation didn’t come as a sudden flash. During all school years literature was my favourite subject. I’ve read a Lot of books by Ukrainian and foreign writers.

    I understand that reading books helps people in self-edu­cation and in solving different life problems. I would like to teach my pupils to enjoy reading, to encourage them to learn our national language and literature, which is the source of national culture.

    It is known that teaching is a very specif ic and difficult job. It shouldn’t be taken easily. The teacher is a person who is lear­ning as well as teaching all his life. Most jobs can be done within the usual office hours from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m., but teacher’s work is never done and evenings are usually spent in marking exer­cise-books and preparing for the next lesson.

    Teachers do not only teach their subjects. They develop their pupils’ intellect, form their views and characters, theii attitudes to life and to other people. It’s a great responsibility and the teacher must be a model of competence himself. It’s not as easy as it may seem at first. But I think that love for children combined with the knowledge I’ll get at the Universi­ty would be quite enough to succeed in my work. I’m apply ing to the philological department and I am sure my dream will come true sooner or later.
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    My Hobby

    Tastes differ. Different people like different things, dif­ferent people have different hobbies.

    I go in for sports, I like to play tennis. I go to play tennis every day.

    Sport is very important part of our life. Many people go in for sports, they jogging, walking, swimming, skating, skiing, train themselves in clubs and different sections.

    Physical training is an important subject at scool. Pupils play volleyball, football, basketball.

    I have been playing tennis for 5 years. Tennis became very popular now. I take part in different competitions.

    To be in a good shape I’m jogging every morning and do my morning exercises.

    Everyone should do all he can to stay healthy and choose the sport he is interested in. I do not understand people who say that they like sport, but they only watch sport on TV.

    If one goes in for sports he feels much better, looks much better, sleeps much better. Your physical appearance will change too. You will be slimmer and trimmer. And what is even more important you will not get sick often.

    Why do I go in for sports? Because I think that it is very important for a man to be strong and well-built. Sport is not for weak, because, you have to learn how to lose, and it’s not easy.

    My favourite proverb says: «A sound mind in sound body».
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    My School (1)

    As you become older you realize that there are several essen­tial things and places you always long to come back to. They are your birthplace, your home and the school you went to.

    My school was a three-storeyed building situated in one of the residential districts of our city (town, settlement). All the children from the neighbourhood went there because it was a walking distance from their homes. There was a sports ground behind the school-building and a green lawn with flower-beds in front of it.

    The school was built a few years ago. That’s why its classrooms were light and spacious. There were three large windows in each classroom with flower pots on the window-sills. It was pupils’ (especially girls’) responsibility to water the flowers. And they did it with utmost care. There were maps and portraits, tables and charts on the walls of the classrooms.

    Our classroom was on the second floor. Its windows faced the school-yard.

    Our form was the only one at school who had a form-master, but not a form-mistress. He appeared to be a very kind and knowledgeable teacher who spared no time to take us to different places of interest and exhibitions. He taught us Russian and Russian literature. We respected him very much.

    Our lessons began at eight o’clock in the morning and lasted till one thirty in the afternoon. We had six lessons a day.

    Every pupil had a day-book where the teachers wrote down the mark each pupil had earned for his answers. The teacher also wrote down the mark in the class register. When the teach­er asked a question, the pupils who could answer it raised their hands, and the teacher called out oneof them to answer the ques-

    tion. The pupils were often called to the blackboard to do some exercises or to write some sentences. When they made mistakes, other pupils were called out to correct those mistakes or the tea­cher corrected them herself. After every lesson the teachers gave us some home assignments both written and oral.

    At the next lesson the teachers checked them up. The teachers often took our exercise-books home to check them up. If there were any mistakes she corrected them and gave us marks.

    At the end of each quarter we got our report cards which our parents signed. At the end of the study year we were promoted, to the next form.
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    My School (2)

    My school is a three-storeyed building. It is quite big with sport ground behind it, inside swimmingpool.

    On the groundfloor there are the classrooms for the pri­mary-school pupils, workshops, library. There are all kinds of tools and machines in the workshops. The boys of our school have a woodwork room too. There is a room for manual works for girls. Teachers teach them how to cook, sew and design clothes. Our school library is nice and clean. Two librarians help pupils to find books they need. There are many bookcases and bookshelves with a lot of books there.

    If you enter the school and turn right you see a big light dining-room.

    It is always busy and noisy, but it is clean. Here pupils and their teachers have their lunch. There are blue curtains on the windows and beautiful pictures on the walls.

    There is a gymnasium on the ground floor as well. Our phys­ical training lessons are held there. Pupils like to go there even after the lessons, becauseit has alot of sport equi pment.

    Our school has many classrooms. The classrooms are light and spacious. There are three large windows in each class­room with flower pots on the window sills. Each room has teacher’s table, pupils desks, blackboard, tables and charts on the wall, maps and portraits.

    There are special classrooms for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

    On the third floor there is a big nice assemble hall. A lot of meetings, concerts, festivals are held there.

    Our classroom is on the second floor. Its windows face the school-yard. Our form-misteress is a teacher of Russian language and literature. We respect her very much, she is a kind and knowledgeable teacher. She teaches us Russian and is so fond of her subject, that each of us can not help liking  too.

    When I think about my school I don’t remember its walls and desks; it is my teachers and school-mates who will be always with me. I am so thankful to our teachers for what they have done for us.
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    My Week-day (1)

    I get up at a quarter to seven. I jump out of bed, switch on the radio and do my morning exercises to the radio music. Then I go to the bathroom, wash myself and clean my teeth with a tooth-brush. This does not take me much time, not more than ten or fifteen minutes. Then I dress and sit down

    to table to have my breakfast. I usually have a cup of tea or coffee, an egg and bread and butter.

    After breakfast I go to the technical school. As I live far away, I go by bus or by metro. It takes me more time to go by bus. If I have little time, I go by metro. My lessons begin at 9 o’clock. We have six lessons every day. At a quarter to one we have a lunch hour.

    As I cannot get home for lunch, I take it at the dining-room of our technical school.

    For lunch I have meat or fish with potatoes and a cup of strong tea or coffee with a pie. At ten minutes to three the lessons are over, and I go home. When I get home from the technical school, I have dinner. My dinner usually consists of three courses.

    For the first course I have some soup, then some meat or fish. For dessert I have stewed fruit or ice-cream. After din­ner I help my mother to wash up the dishes. Then I do my lessons. This usually takes me about two hours.

    At eight or nine o’clock I have supper. I have some salad, a slice of sausage and bread, sour milk or cereal.

    In the evening I listen to the radio or watch TV. If the programme is not interesting, I go to the cinema or to the theatre. Sometimes, I go for a walk with my friends. We talk about different things and usually have a good time.

    At 11 o’clock I go to bed.
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    My Week-day (2)

    My week-days didn’t differ much one from another. I went to school six days a week. That’s why, I had to wake up at 7 o’clock every morning. Sometimes I wanted to stay in bed for some more time but my mother always insisted on my getting up. I put on my bathrobe and slippers and unwilling­ly went to the bathroom. A cold shower made me feel not so sleepy, then I dried myself on a towel and hurried to the bedroom. I switched on a TV-set, it was just the time for a cartoon. You may ask me why I didn’t do my morning exer­cises. From time to time, when I saw smiling slim girls on TV briskly doing their exercises to music, I swore I should get up earlier and do my morning exercises every day, but it didn’t last long and soon I forgot about it.

    Then I did my bed, dressed myself and had my breakfast. At a quarter to eight I rushed to school, it usually took me 10 minutes to get there. My classes began at 8 o’clock, and every day I had seven or eight lessons.

    At 3 o’clock the classes were over, and I went home. After dinner, I did some work about the house (washed dishes, swept the floor, went shopping) and sat down to my lessons. I spent a great deal of time on them. At 8 o’clock all my textbooks and notebooks were put into a bag, and I could-watch TV or read a book, look through papers and magazines. Sometimes, when my friend called for me we went for a walk. At eleven o’clock, tired after a long working day, I went to bed and in some minutes fell asleep.
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    Teacher of English

    It is not easy to decide what profession to choose. Usual­ly, p»upils’ plans for the future change many times during the school years. There are so many people who influence you in choosing your occupation. Parents and friends, play a very important role in your choice. Teachers’ influence on pupils’ minds is also great.

    My favosmrite subject is. English. And I think this is my teacher who matte it so. I understand; the importance of know­ledge of a: foreign language. It enables people from different countries to eeiamiamicate with each other, to read forei?n literature in the original, to broaden their outlooks,

    So I decided for myself to become a teacher of English. Of course, I know that it is not easy and takes much patience and effort. A teacher has to know bow to teach, how t© make difficult things understandable, haw to get students interes­ted in the subject. And of course a teacher ought to have perfect knowledge of his subject. I think the ideal teacher is the one who can combine all these. My present teacher is just like this. She is a great specialist and also a nice personality. I hope in future I can become as good teacher as she is.
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    The Subjects We Do at School. My Favourite Subject (1)

    We did quite a lot of subjects at school. They were: Phy­sics, Mathematics, Biology, Ukrainian and Russian Litera­ture, Chemistry, English, History of this country and many other subjects. It was rather difficult to go to school when a school-leaver, we had so much to do. I know that all the subjects are important and they all must be payed much at­tention to, but still I didn’t like exact sciences. I spent much time on doing them at home. However hard I tried, all those formulas and definitions were mixed up in my head and I couldn’t make it out after all. So I had nothing to do but sit for two or three hours swotting Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

    My favourite subjects were Literature, History, English. Most of all I liked English. I read English books, tried to translate some stories from newspapers from English into Ukrainian and vice versa. I had some English handbooks and they were of great help to me when I studied English Grammar and did some exercises. At our English lessons we read quite a lot of dull texts from our textbooks. But in my view, written texts and textbooks are not important. The best way to improve your language skills and habits is to work at a language laboratory. But there was no good language labo­ratory at our school. And I spent plenty of time at home listening to the tapes, imitating the sounds and intonations of the native speakers of English. I was working hard at my pronunciation because my teacher said that it was my weak point. Sometimes I spoke English with my friends after class­es and they said I was making good progress in the lan­guage.

    I decided to take my entrance exams to the Institute be­cause I want to know English. Nowadays, it’s impossible to do without foreign languages because of .expanding economic, cultural ties of this country with other countries of the world. Besides, one can’t be a learned and well-educated person if he doesn’t know at least one foreign language. As for me, I’d like to read English and American Literature, to understand it Without resorting to anybody’s help.
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